Every body, every woman I work with is unique.  And it is my job as a personal trainer to tailor and individualize the fitness experience for each of my clients.

While I work with a wide variety of the population, I specialize in women’s fitness and nutrition. For so long women’s health was subjected to the same cookie cutter approach as men.  But women are not the same as men.  Women’s entire lives are cyclical.  From the monthly hormonal/menstrual cycle to the lifelong process through childhood, adolescence, menstruating/reproductive years, pre and post natal, perimenopause and menopause/post menopause.   Women’s hormones matter in how we move our bodies, how we rest and recover and how we feed ourselves.

Each client starts with a face-to-face meeting where we can dig into goals, history, health etc.  I need to know about your menstrual cycle, your digestion, your sleep, and your stress. These factors all play a role in how you should eat and exercise.

From there every client undergoes personal training.  This is when I assess how each client moves, their mobility and strengths and weaknesses.  From there I put together an individualized plan to educate each client on what movement is best for them and how to do it.  There are no big secrets to what I teach: lift stuff, carry stuff, hinge, squat, push and pull.  We will also run, bike, row, and skip.  I teach my clients to move their bodies in practical and impractical ways.  I help them train joints as well as muscles. I train the heart and the lungs.   Together we create a progressive path ahead.

Most of my clients will then move on to group training, where they get to practice the movements I have taught them, in a supportive and fun community.  We meet every 6 weeks to review goals, new movements coming up or whatever my client is wanting more help with.  These check-ins help the client to stay on track, engaged and motivated to keep learning and growing.

As a woman I have been through the gambit myself.  I know what it is like to feel uncomfortable in your own body.  To struggle with weight loss, hormonal imbalances, sleep issues and to feel like you need to take care of everyone else, leaving no time to take care of yourself. And I have learned the importance of making time to take care of yourself, that the healthier I got, the more energy I had, the better I was able to care for my family.

This isn’t a quick fix I am offering.  No 6-week boot camp, cut out sugar and dairy, miracle weight loss program. I am here to play the long game and create a place where you can have a lifetime of fitness experiences. I am your coach for life.

Caron Adderley – Madlab School of Fitness