Of course I jumped at the opportunity to speak about women’s health when the inimitable Young Women’s Council asked if I would be interested in participating in their inaugural virtual Wellness Week in support or the BC Women’s Health Foundation.

Why would I do such a thing? Because I see the ways medicine can ignore and misinform women about their health and the decisions they need to make for themselves and their loved ones which are complicated, layered and highly individualized. That’s my jam and I spread it daily.

I join Dr. Renee Fernandez MD, the executive director of Family Doctors of BC, to talk all things hormones in 2020. The roller coaster isn’t just viral this year. Covid has our hormones in a tizzy.

The Wellness Week is a community gathering to discuss topics that are central to keeping women healthy, encourage creativity and body positivity, collectively move bodies and make connections with each other and our community in a meaningful way.

I am honoured to play any role in this movement. Join us November 2nd at 6:30. All proceeds go the BC Women’s Health Foundation.

Dr. Bobby Parmar ND RAc

BC Women's Health Foundation Wellness Week
BC Women's health foundation

For more information visit: bccabcwomensfoundation.org

BC Women's health foundation