I can say from personal experience, eczema is a superficial condition but it cuts deep. Physically, it can be torture. Emotionally, no different.

When eczema is acute it’s relatively easy to deal with. Slather some lotion and you’re good to go. When it’s chronic we can go down the rabbit hole of contact allergies, food sensitivities and stress. What a lot of people don’t know is that even chronic eczema can sometimes be easy to deal with.

At Mint we:

Scrape to see if it’s fungus.

eczema-scrape-for-fungal infection

Swab to see if it’s bacteria.


Prick to see if it’s allergic. 

prick-testing-for eczema-caused-by-allergies

For whatever reason, we don’t conventionally test for these things. In our practices at Mint, we do. Scraping, Swabbing and Pricking are standard with our chronic eczema patients. As they should be.

You’d be surprised that the cracking and blistering hand eczema you’ve been dealing with was actually a year round mold allergy. Or the persistent itchy eczema on your neck is a staph infection that no one caught because they look too similar. One round of antibiotics might just do the trick.

So instead of just creaming over eczema without knowing what it is, test it.

Don’t just live with chronic eczema. You never know what it really could be.

If you need any support with relating to any of the above connect with any of our naturopathic physicians at Mint Integrative Health.