Could this really be perimenopause?

Hot flashes, I mean hot facts
Perimenopause, you in danger girl.

Picture this. A woman, maybe like you, in her 40s enters my baltic office (you’re welcome) says I can’t sleep, feel anxious, am gaining weight I don’t want, and umm, outside of this room, am quite the sweaty Betty. And my skin! Don’t even get me started.

Ok. Ok.

That allll has a name. Sure, you’re 41ish but Betty, you’re in perimenopause.

For a clinician, the shock and confusion that ensues can only be helped by an in depth honest conversation about what’s happening and what you can do about it. There’s much to consider.

I totally get it too. Women often think that their symptoms aren’t symptoms at all. You think it’s “just normal life, my girlfriends can all vouch it’s the same for them”. Is it though?

There is also an odd kind of medical paralysis around offering solutions to women. Hormones are powerful. Sexism is too.

Why did I not get offered hormone therapy?

A long time ago medical studies showed us that using some very specific hormones harmed some very specific women. Society took that and ran with it. We are juuust slowing down to see the forest for the trees.

In fact, just last week, a fresh pair of studies hot off the press added more confidence to the question that hormones can be safe and effective when used correctly for the right individual.

Our understanding and use of hormones isn’t what it used to be 20 years ago. Our doctors are highly trained to help you navigate this seemingly complex world of hormones with greater ease.

Do I need to take hormones?

Plain and simple, no. If for whatever reason you’re not into hormone treatment we could not be more supportive of that. There may be medical reasons you can’t take hormones too. There are plenty of effective lifestyle, dietary, stress management, non-hormonal and herbal options to help.

Below is a review on hormones for your further reading. Also you can find questionnaires that can help determine if it’s not just “normal life” bothering you.

Give it a shot, Betty. Chances are you’ll be feeling better in a flash.

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Dr. Bobby Parmar ND RAc