Dr. Kasie Kelln MD CCFP CMCBT

Integrative Consultant

Dr. Kasie Kelln is a family physician with a unique approach to the practice of medicine. She completed her bachelor of science in physiology, medical degree and residency training in Family Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.  She has also obtained a certificate in Medical Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Upon completion of her training, she embarked on an adventure to start up her own full spectrum family medicine practice in rural Saskatchewan where she practiced with an integrative approach.  While taking advantage of the incredible advancements in modern medicine, Dr. Kelln focused intensively on empowering patients to thrive and not just survive.  She believes that the body has an incredible ability to heal when given the conditions that were designed to foster vitality. Dr. Kelln offered long appointments in the traditional office setting and in the natural setting along trails, grasslands, wildflowers, wildlife and in the sun or snow on wild prairie land. Dr. Kelln worked with patients to build strong therapeutic alliances and focused on education and counseling to promote lifestyle changes including strong nutrition, physical activity, sleep, environmental health, mental health, stress management and mind body health.  Journeying this way with patients who were able to experience incredible victories in their health inspired Dr. Kelln to pursue a full time integrative medicine fellowship with the University of Arizona.  While studying she is excited to be able to offer environmental health consultations to patients who are interested and may find benefit.  

Dr. Kasie Kelln MD CCFP CMCBT

Environmental Health Appointments

What can I expect during my appointments with Dr. Kelln?

First Visit – This is a non-insured, private pay (fee associated) appointment that focuses on introducing the patient to the field of environmental medicine.  Many people have no idea that they are being exposed to potentially dangerous and toxic substances in their home, work and recreational activities. Discussion, education and counseling around what in our environment contributes to illness and disease will take place.  Patients will learn about identifying potentially harmful exposures in their environment.  Evidence based resources will be shared to promote further learning and action on the patient’s part.  An individualized approach can be made for patients with specific medical concerns. For example, a patient with a history of cancer in an agricultural area may very specifically wish to focus on exposures to pesticides and herbicides. 

Second Visit – This is a non-insured, private pay (fee associated) appointment that focuses on learning how to eliminate sources of exposure to harmful substances. An overview of safely and effectively securing clean air, water and land will give patients the tools and resources they need to start to take steps towards eliminating these sources of exposure.  The focus will be on coming up with a strategic plan with a step wise approach to eliminating exposures in a way that is not overwhelming and allows for the greatest return for time, money and energy invested. An individualized approach can be made for patients with specific medical concerns. For example, a patient with asthma may very specifically wish to focus on securing clean air. 

Third Visit – This is a non-insured, private pay (fee associated) appointment that focuses on enhancing the body’s ability to eliminate harmful substances.  Patients will learn about how the body was designed to be able to naturally eliminate many of the harmful substances they may have been exposed to.  Specific attention will be paid to optimizing nutrition, physical activity and sweating in order to facilitate natural healing. The encouraging news is that even with exposures, healthier individuals may experience a less negative effect on their health. An individualized approach can be made for patients with specific medical concerns.  For example, a patient with obesity and diabetes may very specifically wish to focus on nutrition and activity as a way to optimize their environmental health while at the same time achieve optimal control of their metabolic health. 

Each Visit – Will include lengthy discussion, education and counseling aimed at using lifestyle and behavioral changes to facilitate optimal management of disease with a strong emphasis on the power of prevention from preconception onward.  Dr. Kelln will include handouts with information, resources, websites and even delicious recipes to help facilitate the learning process.  Dr. Kelln may use motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help patients recognize the incredible power within them to take action and start to initiate changes to improve their health and well being.  Effective goal setting will be utilized to come up with a plan to optimize environmental health long after the appointments have been completed.  It is Dr. Kelln’s hope and intention that each patient will come out of each appointment feeling empowered to take on the awesome challenge of improving their environmental health.  She is believing that not one person will leave without being better off than they were before!

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