Dr. Janice Wright, MD, CCFP

Integrative Cancer Care, Stress & Burnout, and Optimizing
Midlife Health

Janice Wright MD, CCFP, has been practicing integrative and lifestyle medicine for over 20 years. Her special interests include cancer care for adults, stress reduction, burnout prevention and support, and optimizing mid-life health and well-being.

Dr. Wright focusses on listening deeply to patients’ concerns, questions, priorities, and history. She then helps patients get to the root of their symptoms, issues, challenges, and stresses by offering recommendations for lifestyle and prevention (nutrition, exercise and movement, mindfulness, sleep, and stress), evidence-informed investigations, modalities, and treatments, and other healthcare providers where necessary.

Dr. Wright’s approach creates greater opportunities for patients to make day-to-day and larger life choices that have a positive impact, leading to more energy, serenity, vitality, and a satisfying and inspired quality of life.

She supports patients to build emotional intelligence and self awareness leading to less stress, reduced risk for burnout, increased resilience, a fresh outlook, and greater levels of self-care. Her patients describe feeling more informed, more themselves, less stressed, more grounded, clear-headed, higher and more consistent energy levels, and present in their personal lives, work lives and relationships.

Dr. Wright helps cancer patients to better understand their diagnosis, what to expect, and how to navigate the system. She provides ideas and resources for planning, researching, making decisions, and healthy lifestyle. This takes away some of the unknowns and leaves people less stressed and more empowered to be able to manage their cancer experience effectively and confidently.

Dr. Wright helps patients who are experiencing stress and burnout to understand the physiology underlying their experience and symptoms. She supports patients to bring awareness to external factors, as well as internal conscious and unconscious physical, mental and emotional habits, patterns, and choices contributing to their stress. This can be very informative and empowering. What then naturally emerges is a more positive and growth-oriented mindset. A review of lifestyle and recommendations is a foundational part of building a healthy life. And in addition to mindset and lifestyle, labwork and other investigations are generally warranted.

For many people, hormonal changes that occur in midlife – or due to significant medical treatments – can lead to a variety of challenging symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, forgetfulness, inconsistent sleep, stress, anxiety, depressed, anxious, or grumpy moods, sweating, and hot flushes, as well as changes in exercise capacity, libido, appetite, motivation, and weight/body shape. Dr. Wright does hormonal testing and other relevant lab work to elucidate and support patients’ understanding of the physiological changes occurring. Recommendations are then made for bio-identical and other hormone therapies, supplements, dietary changes, sleep support, exercise, and other lifestyle changes supportive of each individual’s values and personal health goals.

In her individual consultations, groups, talks, and workshops, Dr. Wright combines research, tips, tools, and relatable stories that leave participants with practical ideas for positive change and the inspiration necessary to implement them. Dr. Wright welcomes family members and support people to attend to best support their loved one, and to promote learning and caregiver self-care.

Dr. Wright is a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Canada. She is a trained yoga and meditation instructor. Dr. Wright is pursuing advanced studies in functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine, and hormonal health through Worldlink Medical. Dr. Wright is a guest speaker to patients, families, physicians, and community groups on supportive cancer care, vibrant health, well-being, stress reduction and resilience, prevention of chronic illness, and burnout.

DR. JANICE WRIGHT, MD, CCFP Integrative Care Consultant
Appointment types
Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine for adults with a cancer diagnosis
Initial Consultation – Telemedicine – 90 minutes

This appointment begins with a full history of all symptoms, concerns, stresses, experiences, and events leading up to, and including, being diagnosed with cancer. This is followed by Dr. Wright inquiring and hearing about all the ways that the cancer diagnosis is affecting life and living (physical, mental, emotional, lifestyle, and spiritual/existential).

Dr. Wright welcomes all questions or concerns about medical tests, investigations, and/or treatments, surgeries, and side effects that the specialist(s) have ordered or are being considered.

From there, Dr. Wright will provide support, recommendations, and a plan based on each unique individual or family’s priorities which may include navigating any or all of the following: stress, fears, worries, anxiety, depression, mental health, mindset, and perspective; questions to ask other physicians/health care providers; decision-making about treatment (standard and/or integrative); understanding medical terminology, lab results, and other investigations; self-advocacy; communicating with family – including children – friends, and coworkers; concerns about disability or survival; desire for better sleep, energy levels, nutrition and diet, movement, exercise, and fitness; and living one’s best life while living with a cancer diagnosis.

Based on these priorities, a take-home plan will be created that could include testing and investigations, prescriptions, vitamins and supplements, lifestyle approaches, mind-body strategies, stress reduction, referrals, and quality of life goals.

Follow Up – Telemedicine or Phone Call  – 30, 45 or 60 minutes

These appointments begin with Dr. Wright hearing updates about general health, symptoms, test results, any changes in diagnosis or prognosis, cancer treatments, and any side effects. To optimize lifestyle and quality of life, a record of diet, sleep, rest, energy levels, and movement will be reviewed in detail, and recommendations will be made. Personalized support for health, outlook, and well-being will be provided both in real time, and to consider and practice at home. A shared decision will be made to stay the course of the take-home plan, or to make changes that reflect current priorities, timing, and energy levels. Further testing or referrals may be required.

Grief Counselling – Telemedicine or Phone Call – 45 minutes

When a loved one has died of cancer, these appointments offer family members/close friends the opportunity to share their experience – both medical and emotional. Supportive counselling will be offered for up to three (3) visits. If Dr. Wright and the family member(s) feel that further support would be helpful, suggestions and resources will be provided.


Tests ordered within the private fee based visits may be covered by MSP.

Is Dr. Janice Wright accepting family practice patients?

Unfortunately no, not at this time.

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